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We will fund non citizens (other stips apply) Nationwide
We will fund down to 400 credit score (really!!) Nationwide

Get Heavy Equipment Finance for as little as 0 down and 5%APR! 

As a Bank, we are mainly known for assisting businesses that are unable to get traditional finance!

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Get Pre-Approved today!

Businesses that require heavy equipment finance range from Construction, Building Maintenance, Landscapers, Excavators, Road Maintenance and more.

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With the impact the pandemic has had on the United States market, many businesses do not qualify for equipment finance and that is where we now also offer high risk lending solutions. We will assess your application and advise you the best option for your equipment finance needs! 

Businesses that struggle to get equipment finance due to the following, can now get finance through us!

* recent bankruptcies, 

* startups that are only 3 months old, 

* Owners with no social security (Non-Immigrants)

Many business owners are concerned about applying for credit because most banks do hard credit pulls, so owners ask if they can buy heavy equipment without a credit check! With us, yes you can, we only do soft pulls, our decisions are not based on your credit. We have various funding solutions, depending on credit.

Minimum credit score for equipment financing

With most banks and institutions the minimum is 650. At Rogue the minimum is 400!

What is the application process for funding heavy equipment

* Complete our application

* 3 Month bank statements 

* Identification 

* Invoice for the equipment (From your Vendor) or a link to the equipment you are interested in

* Going to auction no problem! We will pre-approve based upon equipment type

(more documents may be required)

Simply complete this form for us to call you back, or contact Peter at (954) 774-1524 Nationwide or email to

How fast can you get funding for equipment

Unlike other banks and institutions at Rogue Equipment Finance you will have an answer within 2 hours!

Do I own the equipment at the end of the lease? 

Yes you do! There is no buyout at the end you own the equipment free and clear! Apply today!

Do I have to put up collateral?

If you are applying to us due to bad credit, a down payment is required, although the machine usually acts as collateral, unlike other banks or financiers with us you own the equipment at the end with no buyout

If you apply with us, with good credit, you can pay as little as 0 down and 5% APR!!!

What are the term lengths for leasing/financing heavy equipment with Rogue

Depending on credit, we fund down to a 400 credit score, all credit terms will be dependent on what Finance options may be available to you.

 Get Approved for heavy equipment finance Today

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